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Come with us into the wild

Every season in Vojmådalen has its own spectacular adventures waiting for you. Let us take you on a journey of a lifetime.


Have you ever dreamt of hiking the wild Arctic mountains? Catching a wild Arctic fish or maybe watching wild reindeers in their natural habitat?

Vojmådalen belongs to one of the very last pure wilderness areas in the EU. Our guides can take you places you will never forget. You can go snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing in meters of high snow and ice fishing for the mysterious and rare Arctic fishes in the winter. In the summer, when it´s bright outside both day and night, we can take you mountain hiking, moose and reindeer watching. In autumn we can go berry and mushroom picking in our magical wild and huge mountain areas, often without meeting any other humans during the whole day. Top your Aurora Hut experience with one or a few of these adventures and your trip will always be remembered. 

Fishing for Arctic Trout, Char and Grayling in one of the worlds clearest and purest fresh water systems

and probably one of the most beautiful, too?

Northern Lights from an Aurora Hut

After a day of adventuring, there´s really nothing compared to sneak in to a luxurious cozy Aurora Hut to relax, have a drink and just lay down in the warm bed. Between mid August until April there is always a chance that Lady Aurora shows up an gives you one of these colourful absolutley magical sceneries called Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, or Norrsken as we call it in Sweden. No photo or film in the world can ever show how truly magnificent it is to experience this in real life.


There are many ways to explore and enjoy the wonderful nature of Vojmådalen. To paddle around in a lake or a creek with boat or canoe is one of the best ways to just observe and inhale all of the beauty of the surronding nature, in total peace and quietness. 


The site is being updated, but we have more offers, more adventures and more packages for you to book. Please contact us here to let us help you with your dream trip.

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