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After a day of adventuring, there´s really nothing compared to sneak in to a luxurious cozy Aurora Hut to relax, have a drink and just lay down in the warm bed. Between mid August until April there is always a chance that Lady Aurora shows up an gives you one of these colourful absolutley magical sceneries called Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, or Norrsken as we call it in Sweden. Any photo or film is nothing compared how truly magnificent it is to experience this in real life.

Sleep under the Northern Lights in an Aurora Hut

Choose a full experience package

(More to come, please contact us for more package deals )

  • All Inclusive Romantic Aurora Package

    79 900kr
    The most exclusive package for the romantic Aurora Hunters.
    • 2x nights in luxurious Aurora Hut Glass Room
    • Transfer from and to South Lapland Airport
    • 2x guided tours of choise ( 1x each day)
    • All meals (Breakfast, outdoor lunch and restaurant dinners)
    • Free access to adventure equipment and gear of choise
    • We make a beautiful film in memory of your trip
    • We gladly take your requests to make this trip your best
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