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We are a company with a dream to share our beautiful Arctic mountain landscape and life with others through mindfilling experiences.

From our headquarters in the Swedish Lapland village called Henriksfjäll, in the heart of Vojmådalen, we have access to the most amazing wild and untouched nature - We go ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and taking ice baths and saunas in the winter. In the summer we hike the dramatic mountains, fishing and bathing in creeks and lakes, bicycling and pick wild berries and mushrooms. Every season has its own beauty and adventures here. 

Vojmådalen includes several nature reserve areas and is one of Europes very last pure wildernesses. Everything we do here is with concideration and a purpose to keep and preserve out beloved nature as wild and sustainable as our ancestors always has done before us. 

No mather what time of year you thinking of visiting us, we have activities, accommodations and magnificent local Arctic food to offer you,

Always feel free to contact us with any kind of questions or requests and we´re really hoping to get to see and know you, and bring you memories for a lifetime here from the North.

/ All the best wishes, from Christian and the team.


Instagram: @campvojmadalen

Facebook: Camp Vojmådalen

Telephone: +46705636969

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